Income Protection – A Guide

If you’ve ever worried about how you would pay your bills or your mortgage if you were unable to work through illness or injury, then this article is for you. Ever heard of Income Protection? No? Then read on… What is Income Protection? Income Protection is an insurance policy which pays out a monthly lump… Read more »

What is Critical Illness Cover?

Here at Stonebrook Mortgages, we offer advice on a number of different personal protection (or insurance) policies, such as Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection and Family Income Benefit. You don’t have to be reviewing or applying for a mortgage with us either. We can review your circumstances and/or current insurance policies, and provide… Read more »


No-one wants to think about what would happen to their loved ones if they were to die, but it’s important that your family and dependents are provided for should the worst happen. Not only will they have lost you and be grieving, they’ll have also lost your income and will still have bills to pay…. Read more »


The day has finally arrived, you are all set to move into your new home and start a whole new chapter! Although moving house or moving into your first house is really, really exciting, it can also be stressful, but these few tips might make the process just that little bit easier. It’s never too… Read more »


A question we get asked a lot! You will know that the majority of high street banks offer mortgages directly to their customers and have mortgage brokers on hand to guide you through the process. So why would you use a broker instead? What does a broker do? A mortgage broker, or adviser, is someone… Read more »


Congratulations! You’re considering buying your first home, but where do you start? Here’s our handy checklist so that you can make sure you’ve done all the background work before you take your first steps onto the property ladder: CHECK YOUR CREDIT SCORE It’s going to be difficult to get a mortgage if you have no… Read more »