The day has finally arrived, you are all set to move into your new home and start a whole new chapter! Although moving house or moving into your first house is really, really exciting, it can also be stressful, but these few tips might make the process just that little bit easier.

It’s never too early

Book your removal company as soon as you have a moving date!

If you are moving from one property to another and you have large items of furniture you are bringing with you which require a removal service, get in there quickly.

It might be a good idea to have a huge clear out. Sort out all of your things and decide whether they are coming with you, or whether they can be donated elsewhere.

You will need to consider the amount of storage and space you have in your new home, if you have too much stuff, you might be left with nowhere to store it. Rehoming a few things might help you out in the long run.

Make a list

Have a check list of all of your things in each room to ensure nothing gets left behind. It also might be a good way to assess what you currently have and what you could give away.

Boxes on boxes

Ensure you have enough boxes or other kinds of containers to begin packing your things up. It might be worth asking friends and family if they have any spare boxes you can use to begin packing in. It’s also worth bearing in mind some shops might have some lurking out the back, its might be worth asking!

If none of the above work, you can buy moving boxes from the likes of Amazon or Ebay.

You will also need to obtain other materials to minimise damaging your things. Things like bubble wrap, tissue paper, zip ties and maybe some strong storage bags.

Pack by rooms

Its tempting to just start packing things up randomly and sort out where things actually belong later, but this is could actually make unpacking far more difficult that it needs to be.

Organise your boxes as best you can by rooms in your new house. That way when it comes to unpacking you can decide which rooms you are going to use the most and therefore tackle first, and equally the rooms you can leave until last e.g. bedroom number two or an office.

It’s a good idea to label the boxes so you can leave them in the correct rooms until you are ready to deal with them.

Every day essentials

While still living in your current home and waiting for your moving day to arrive, it might be worth keeping all your everyday essentials in one area so you can continue living. Eating, washing and possibly working until the day arrives. This way you won’t have riffle through the packed boxes looking for your toothpaste!

Bit by bit

Start packing non-essential items away ready for the big day. Depending on how early you start packing things up, you could pack item away that you won’t be using between now and the move. For example, summer or winter clothes and shoes, kitchen utensils you don’t use often, power tools, perhaps even garden furniture. Anything that you can store away until moving day will help the process not feel so overwhelming.


When you move to your new home, you are going to need to use gas, electric water etc immediately. So it’s a good idea to get all your utilities set up in advance so when you arrive you can settle in and just get unpacking.

Things like home insurance, council tax, gas, electric, water and broadband might be just a few of the things you want to get sorted before moving in.

Take reference photos

It’s a good idea to snap a few pictures on any electrical set ups – this could make it easier for you when it comes to putting appliances back together.

This also might be useful if you want to recreate your décor set up.

Update your details

You could get ahead of the game by alerting certain companies and get your details changed. For example, the bank, the post office and DVLA.

So now you are armed with a few tips and tricks to ensure your moving process is as smooth as possible ready to open the front door your next chapter.